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Monday, 4 December 2017

Travel Tuesday

The view from my window tells of an exceptional day that awaits us. 14°C Rain 3mm #weathertravel #deoudehuizeyard

Saturday, 14 October 2017

A vintage town - Verkykerskop or Binocular Hill

Verkykerskop is surrounded by sandstone koppies the Eastern Free State. 
Five roads leading out to other communities in the area

To this day it portrays the early 19th-century Boere uitspannings plek it started out as. 
It became something of a community during and after the second Anglo-Boer War and a police outpost, school, blacksmith, post office and grain mill were established here.

A drive in the 1948 Chevy Fleetmaster will match the occasion
Starting today with a little story of a legend of the area namely Jan Skambreel. 
Jan was the blacksmith and was the owner of a blacksmith business in Verkykerskop
In the planting, of the crop, season Jan was very busy repairing plow shears for the farmers. 
On a given day, while Jan was doing repairs to implements of the farmers Mr. Very Important came in and told Jan that he is important and his plow needs priority and he has to fix it immediately.
Jan looked at important farmer and utter
“ If I could buy you for what I think you are worth and sell you for what you think you are worth I will be the wealthiest man in Verkykerskop”. 
A fun place to visit
If you like vintage then this is a must visit

Beth and Matt or is it Matt and Beth owners, dreamers, cooks and builders

Beth and Matt arrived in 2004 and set about reviving the old trading store, injecting style, energy and color into this Free State village. 
They have a great vision but are living firmly in the moment, delighted, eating well and celebrating every day.
Today the village has a strong “green” philosophy. Other than an old mill, most of the original dwellings, dating back to the 1940’s, have been converted into tourist cottages and guesthouses.
Expect piles of nostalgic old items while wander about Verkykerkop
If you are of a certain age, you will know what this is all about:
Curved glass cabinets and the aroma of an old South African country trading store you won’t find anywhere in the world.
Something of a mix of eucalyptus, boxer blend tobacco, remedies
Thanks to Deon Kitching for borrowing some of his photo's  
It is the place to be . . .  
Sunday lunch 
Birthday party  . . . .

Thanks to Melissa and Rudolph for their wedding picture 
Thanks to Adam Truscott for this painting 

We had a pizza lunch and wine on the stoep. Tippex the Labrador joined us.
It is difficult to single out our the greatest asset of this beautiful people but we'd venture to say it's the soul of Beth and Matt 

Thanks for joining us on the stoep at Binocular Hill 
and watch the sun set. 

Sending Lots of Love from South Africa 

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

When there is time . . story quilts

If I must say something about myself then . . . .  it must be the comforters that I make.  

After the passing of our eldest son in 2008 I made the first one.  A sort of memory ... or perhaps it started as something to keep my going.   
Now years later I still make them.  
Every one tells a story of our family.  It is a part of us. 
Worn jean, red heart made from a little chair that was re-upholstered. 
These quilts also tell about our road trips because no trip is without stopping somewhere to purchase a piece of cloth or old lace

To create one is a "battle" . . . I cut perfect and not so perfect pieces in the 
30cm blocks and then when there is 72 blocks the process can begin.

Antique lace from my granny's treasures 
Some charm from the Graphic Fairy 
Lots of hand sewing 

The batting at the back is now in place and a second cover is stitch in place. 

Thank you for visiting 
Till next time 

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Overnight at Hercules Rust near Kameel

An overnight spot is Hercules Rust Bed and Breakfast on the N18 in the North West 
It is the ideal place to get in touch with nature. It is situated on a farm only 3km from the main road. 

The silence of the North West and the rustic style of Hercules Rust is authentic. 

There is an option of breakfast on the patio or indoors. 

A blog post on this newly opened establishment on the N18 between Vryburg and Mahikeng in die North West Province. "The Gateway to the Kalahari"

You will find the contact details here 
The area will surprise you and will make the visit worth while

Beautiful veld aloes bloom in bright orange 
Some interesting sightings along the road 
The area is dotted with Thorn trees and wind pumps. The cattle is looking excellent and are very nosey 
A beautiful oases awaits you after the turn-off from the N18 
As the sun sets you suddenly hear an unusual sound and realize that it is the call of an owl and to be precises the Barn Owls calling 
Time to switch on the lamps and the setting sun is casting an orange glow over the garden. A pizza being delivered a guitar for background and then the best
thing to do is to sip on a Merlot and relax. 
The rooms are well appointed with a queen bed and en suite bathrooms 
The family room consist is made up of two bedrooms and a wonderful little nook
The old Cape Port add a little extra touch 
A lunch is also an option and it is served on the undercover patio 
Thanks for spending some time with us at Hercules Rust 
Till next time 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Beauty along our roads from a distant turbulent tragic past

Cosmos beauty along our roads 
Today we are sharing our blog with Andrew Barlow.  
He was born in 1931 and he attended school Wartburg Kirchdorf School.  
He is a full-time novelist, historical and current affairs analyst with a love of coffee, horses and cats.  
He was the Head Regional Magistrate of South African Department of Justice.  Andrew and me at a gathering.  
Where does one start with a story which still raises deep seated emotions?
Please read more about this "historical" flowers here 

Along many of our roads all over South Africa the sides of many of our roads and often in the veld for long distances the Cosmos flowers are to be seen in Autumn. 
They are beautiful and are in several colours. 
Many motorists are so captivated by their beauty that they stop and look and and are entranced by the calm serenity and prettiness of these flowers. 
Nowadays only a very few people know where and how these flowers came into the country.
The magic of Autumn in South Africa 
During 1899 to 1902 the South African War was fought between the two Boer republics of the Orange Free State and the Transvaal on the one side and the British Empire on the other side. 
The total Afrikaner population of the two republics was about two hundred and fifty thousand people.
The British High Command believed that it would need only infantry to wage the war but soon found that against a highly mobile force of Boer Commandos mounted on their Boer Perde it needed ever increasing horse mounted soldiers. 
Apart from the horses available in the country it had to import many thousands of horses from all the colonies and from other countries such as the United States and Europe and especially from the Argentine. 
British troopers needed horses during the Boer War. 
Those horses were sent, via ship, to South Africa.
Horses bound for war, transported via double stalls on a shade-covered ship's deck.
(Horses on Board Ship: A Guide to Their Management, by Captain M. Horace Hayes) 
To feed these horses huge amounts of fodder had to be imported. 
During the course of that war far more than five hundred thousand horses were used. Of these more than three hundred thousand died.
They died from sickness, from being killed in battles and skirmishes and in the case of the Commandos from being ridden to death.
In the fodder imported from Argentine were cosmos and khaki bush.
This photo is the khaki bush in bloom 
Wherever the British horses moved across the country, all over the Free State, the Cape Colony and the Transvaal the seeds of these plants germinated and grew.

Along our roads, along many of our roads and in large parts of our veld these flowers are a beautiful reminder of a vicious war.
In Port Elizabeth there is a monument to these horses. Of a soldier holding a bucket of water for his horse. 
Whenever I have seen that monument I have had great difficulty to hide my tears. Tears of sorrow that the most noble of all animals has had to die in a senseless human war.
The Horse Memorial (Cape Road, Port Elizabeth, South Africa) bears the words: "greatness of a nation consists not so much in the number of its people or the extent of its territory as in the extent and justice of its compassion" "erected by public subscription in recognition of the services of the gallant animals which perished in the anglo boer war 1899-1902"
If you pass the Cosmos Flowers along our roads salute the horses who brought this flower to this country.

The pink and white patches on the wheat fields 
Dancing in the wind 
Thank you for taking this trip along memory lane 
Till next time greetings from South Africa