Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Kameel Stoepstorie: Venison Pies

 When there is venison in the freezer it is venison pie day. I was given a recipe by Annie while living in Harrismith. Annie was a Russian descendent. The pies are always a winner.

The classic Russian stroganoff venison pies with mushrooms pairs well with the came.
Stroganoff originated in mid-19th-century Russia and was named after the Stroganov family, a family of noble origin. Since then, many variations have been created all over the world. Be sure not to skimp on the sour cream, as it is an essential component of the dish (and of Russian cuisine in general).

The little pies are treated with great respect and I just love to use my vintage cutters to add a bit of beauty to the pies.
I use ready-made puff pastry for the casings but also have used a Sour Cream Pastry and roll it out to line the muffin pans.

 Then it is time for the decoration around the edge of the pie shell's top

 The little hearts look very pretty

Or what about the diamond shapes on the edge? 

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