Monday, 20 April 2020

Kameel Stoepstorie: Kitchen cupboard project

We moved into the shell of our cottage just over a year ago.  During this time Hennie fixed everything. Bathrooms were tiled and fitted, doors hanged, floors were levelled and yes the roof needed to be sealed.

Then without any warning, he had to undergo open-heart surgery for a valve replacement. I was a bit under the weather with this procedure but he always reminded me that God gave him more than 60 troubled free years, so this will be just fine.

So in June 2019 he was out of action for almost three months. I still remember my words to the surgeon: "but what about my kitchen cupboards".
There was an old Oregon cupboard frame
 We found the cheeky legs on a trip to Klerksdorp 

The top came with a lot of history. It was part of the old Wilrick Kontreiwinkel before the upgrade a couple of years ago.
The back of the cupboard was fitted with old tin ceilings plates
All painted and polished and I just love it. 

This is a massive bonus. 

Let me know what you think of it. 

Till next time 

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