Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Kameel Stoepstorie: Grandma and her love for beautiful crockery

 Grandma Hester loved crockery.
It was a special treat when she used it.
Still today when we sit in a restaurant and my meal is delivered I touch the plate to feel its texture. 
Grandma Hester and Grandpa Victor 
Today we share her WH Grindley dinner set. 
WH Grindley was an English pottery company founded in 1880 by William Harry Grindley of Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent.
His partner was Alfred Meakin and when the partnership ended in 1884 William continued alone until his in 1926. 
I am absolutely in love with The Chester set from Grindley. 
I just love the bright yellow rims and the little blue decor in it.
So unpretentious and ideal to serve a fabulous dinner in it. 
The details of the decoration on the plates.
Look at the little yellow flowers in the pattern.
It reminds of Art Deco and it is a bit forward thinking way back in 1920 and 1930 
The design looks fresh with a touch of whimsical but up to the minute 

The plates put up a show
Till next time 

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