Monday, 18 July 2016

Kameel Stoepstorie: Details of a railway line

Kameel Station is 805 miles from Cape Town. 
It is 4449 ft above sea level 
The Cape to Cairo Railway was a dream project to cross Africa from south to north by rail. 
In the words of Cecil John Rhodes 
" the railway will form the main trunk line connecting the markets of the Cape Colony with the British South Africa Company’s territory and, ultimately, on joining with the Beira Railway Company’s line to Salisbury, will afford through means of transport from Cape Town to Beira."
We all enjoy a train ride and the sound of the wheels on the track smooth us into a relax and slow mood. 
The smell of the smoke when the fire is stoke. 
The magnificent whistles and steam sounds 
The friendly fireman and driver that always waved 

The station building was demolish and the only sign is the water tanks.
We took some photo's of the details
A part of the railway line that has been neglected over the years  
A section of the tracts that is still used for passing trains once a day 
The wooden sleepers has made way for concrete sleepers 
Spotted this old Rhodesian Teak sleeper 
The railway switch is still intack 
Details of the switch (wissel in Afrikaans).
A switch, turnout or points is a mechanical installation enabling trains to be guided from one track to another.
It could be at a railway junction or where a siding branches off. 
More details of the switch.  The switch consists of a pair of linked tapering rails, known as points (switch rails or point blade) lying between the diverging outer rails.
These points can be moved laterally into one of two positions to direct a train. On the photo you can see the two rails next to each other.
The distance meter to Warrenton in the Northern Cape
179.5 km to go to the next junction.
You will notice that there is more of these distance meters standing in a row.
The next one reads 179.6 and these are 100m apart.
After the 10th marker it change to 180.
It reminds of of the road makers.
One can say different ways of transport but sharing the same information.
Thanks to all the members of Footplate Memories that helped me to understand this. 
Dates stamped on the bar of inspections carried out 
Little details of days gone by.
Thanks you to Eddie Barlow for sharing these detail photo's 
Trains honored on stamps 
Watch this short video on Steam Trains
Thanks to Mark Ruddy for sharing this video
25NC's nostalgic trip between Kimberley and De Aar, South Africa
Music: Oh Brother .... you got a long way to go ...the artist Finch & Henson

My mother next to the rail track. 
Thanks for visiting 
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