Monday, 28 March 2016

Kameel Stoepstorie: Ode to our family living in Kameel in the North West, South Africa

In the NORTH WEST the stars were so close you could touch them when standing on your toes. 
As we travel we noticed the large fields and the grain silo's every so often. 
What started off as a simple road trip to attend a funeral became and ode to the entrepreneurial and hospitable spirit of our family. 
Names of places includes Eeram, Rosettenville, Ottosdal, Excelsior, Delareyville, Hartbeestfontein and Kameel.
We realized that we are part of a grain producing area. 
On our route we came across interesting transport vehicles 
We experienced the hospitality of Julian and Maggie who show us an
array of happenings on the farm where we grew up. 

Top row: The old shed that my dad built is still standing and as always the
doors show the unique style, the hens on the farm lay eggs with a blueish shell colour. The swiss goats are a new addition to life on the farm. 

Second row: The apple goats enjoy the green grass, the sunsets is still
spectacular as is the scones and home made jams. 

Bottom row: The quiver tree that hitched a ride in an aeroplane, the sergeant
and his squad and the old ficus creeper's fruit 
Old photo's of the good times
Top row: Grandpa Victor and Grandma Hester, my dad, Gerald and aunt Jean and a cousin on the famous Harley, Uncle Ernest
Middle row: Grandma Hester, Grandpa and Grandma, Mrs McKay
Bottom row: Douglas, Elaine and Renee, Grandpa and the ladies 
Tea time and the beautiful teacups as shared by my cousin Elaine 
We came to say goodbye to Dalene - our sister-in-law
Dalene love so do fancy needle work and her embroidery is still outstanding
She raised Cecil jr, Hendriette and AJ
Back row: Kobus, Tanya, Santa, Mike, Hester, Cecil, Lieschen, Mike jr, Cecil jr, Julian, AJ, myself and Hennie
Front row: JP, Maggie, Ma Floss, Elaine, Jean , Hendriette and Sammy

Nostalgia and memories of the past 

Dalene thank you for being part of our family 
Thanks to Hendriette for sharing some of the photo's 
Thank you for taking this trip with us 
Till next time 

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