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7 ways to entertain yourself in Harrismith

The Chevy is showing you 7 ways to entertain yourself in Harrismith 

The Free State town Harrismith is quiet, and the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Gauteng or Kwa-Zulu Natal for a weekend away from it all.

The area offers a range of outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts and insight into the early settlers and the Anglo-Boer war.

1. Do some fancy driving that is offered at  De Oude Huize Yard offer guests who have an interest in Free State history something a bit special... A tour of history, treasures and stories of Harrismith all in the comfort of a vintage car.
For info on this nostalgic trip you can read more on our blog post 
Thank you to Portfolio Collection for this wonderful write-up 
The Town Hall with the beautiful the stained glass windows and other details is a must see.  The official opening of the Town Hall, by Sir Hamilton Goold-Adams took place on 7 September 1908. This magnificent building was designed by Messrs. Price and Agutter of Durban. Bricks were made in Pietermaritzburg and brought to Harrismith by Ox wagon. Other materials came from 42nd Hill. 
The footprint of the town hall measures 33.6m x 58.2m and can seat 800 people with the balcony.

Ask at De Oude Huize to watch the short video on You Tube on the building process of the Town Hall. 

2. The Galaxy Roadhouse is a fresh new approach to roadside eateries. This retro inspired diner from the original age of the roadside era. 

3. The Platberg Eco Park is a must visit to all nature lovers
You can take drive with a 4 x 4 up Platberg using the Donkey Pass
There is wonderful and challenging Mountain Bike trails
The Block house was built during the Anglo Boer War
You will find wild live in the park
The cross on top of the mountain is known to many travelers.
It is also home to the Annual Berg Marathon 
4. The Chevy then drove back into town and stop at the M.O.T.H. The Memorable Order of Tin Hats. 
The Platberg Shelhole host an interesting museum in the building 
When open you can order a drink and chat to the locals.
Please read more on the activities at the Platberg Shellhole 
5. Golf is a very important part of live in Harrismith This 18 hole course was designed in 1887 and is the 3rd oldest golf course in South Africa. The Chevy could not resist 

Next to the Golf course you will find the Bowling greens The lawns has been established in 1914.

6. The next stop for the Chevy was at the Military Cemetery. A little bit of history is that between 15000 and 20000 British soldiers were stationed in Harrismith .
When you walk among the grave you notice that the men that were buried here were young and died mostly of sickness

7. Places to shop and the Chevy's favorite The Olde World Antiques

We hope to see you more often in our Countryside Town and we do believe that you have enjoyed the ride 

Till next time 
Hennie & Sandra

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