Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Sandstone through the lens in the Eastern Free State

Harrismith and surroundings 
Even the land itself was recycled.
This is the site of an old farm house
I grew up in a small town but through pictures and books I know the world
Entrance to the Military Cemetery 
The outbuilding on a farm yard 
Only memories remain
An outside cooler with the water tank at the top 
The gate post tells the the story of an abandoned entrance to a farm 
Fence post

An Outbuilding on a farm 
An unfinished farm manor house with a never ending view 
Sandstone and Wheelbarrow 
An early bridge to cross a river 
The foundation stone in a building 
A small bridge built with sandstone
The ruins on a farm 
What makes most people comfortable is some sort of sense of nostalgia.
I grew up in a small town, and I could count my friends on one hand, and I still live that way.
I think I'll die in a small town.
When I can't move my bones around a stage any more,
you'll find me living in a place that's spread out and rural and spacious
De Oude Huize Yard
A Hawkins dam wall was built using sandstone 
There are all kinds of futures.
There is a hoped-for future,
there is a feared future,
there is a predictable future,
and there is an unimagined future.
When we trust in the natural goodness around us,
we open ourselves for the blessings of life to flow toward us
Vision stands on the shoulders of what is actual
to get a better view of what is possible
The tragedy of  abandonment
Wonderful craftmanship 
A dam built using sandstone 

Thank you to everyone that supplied photo's 

Thanks for joining us on a short walk and hopeful you enjoy the sandstone as we do. visit to this building and the interesting history hiding between die walls. 
Sending lots of love from South Africa 

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