Friday, 18 September 2015

The Cab that we love

A couple of years ago we had a fun week 
A week of Art, Cars and Culture in Afrikaans it is called Kuns Karre en Kultuur 
We have had great fun in 2007
The Cab standing proud in the garden during the week of fun 
In the end we bought one of the Vintage Vehicles 
A 1948 Chevrolet Fleetmaster with a straight six engine  and space to stretch out in  
For those of you who would be interested in more technical detail 
Engine capacity I6 3548cc or 216.5cu in or 3.5l 
90 Bruto Horsepower (66.24KW) @ 3300 RPM
Bore: 3.5in or 89mm
Stroke: 3.8in or 95mm
Weight: 3148lbs or 1427.909kg 
Engine location is in the Front 
Drive by rear wheel 
Transmission is 3 manual Vacuum assisted shifting 
The Radiator grille freature a vertical centre bar 

At first we did not know what we will be using it for
But a beauty indeed she is 
Adam Truscott honored her as part of a painting
You can read more about Adam and his family here  
She is in perfect condition and we love to go for a drive at sunset 
We started to take people through town 
Then she became famous for transporting people to special occations
In 2008 she transported our son and his wife to be to their Matric farewell party
The are the couple in the boot of the Chevy 
She has been part of many happy days
The sandstone Church feature here 
Sometime even showing a very sexy leg or smile 

She has been through snow, rain and storm.Hennie, my hubby, featured left.
Myself on the right.
My dad in the middle bottom 
Meeting up with important travelers 
Doing a historic town tour
You can read more about the Town Hall here 

Sometimes she needs a tune or two
Thank you to Luckey and his team that always take good care of her.

Sometimes I also hitch a ride 

rThanks for taking a ride in our Chevy 
Sending Lots of  Love

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