Monday, 10 August 2015

Kameel Stoepstorie: Ofelia and Lasagne

Ofelia was the hairdresser in the town, Vryburg, in the North West Province of our country.  
I hated hairdressers and still do but my Mother just love to go to the hairdresser.  
Once a month we would take the 60 km to town for this monthly treat

To my mother's disappointment the latest hair trends did not impress me but Ofelia was an Italian lady and yes you have guest it the food was much more interesting.  

I finished school and went to University to become a teacher but
In 1978 Ofelia's Lasagne a la Bolognaise became part of our family 

Over the years we have learned to make our very own pasta and what is more satisfying to serve home made pasta to our guest staying over at De Oude Huize Yard 

To make the Lasagne a la Bolognaise is like talking to an old friend 

Bechamel Sauce:
Melt 15ml Butter in a pan, add 15 ml flour and mix to smooth paste.  Gradually add 500 ml milk and stir continuously until smooth and creamy.  Add 250 ml strong flavoured cheese, salt and pepper to taste

Bolognaise sauce
Saute 1 finely chopped onion in 45 ml olive oil until golden brown with 2 medium carrots chopped and chopped fresh celery. Add 800 g lean topside mince and 2 or 3 chopped chicken livers and brown .
Add 500 ml water, 125 ml red wine (semi sweet), 1 x 113g tin tomato paste. If preferred increase the water and leave the wine but add 30 ml sugar. Cook over medium heat and stir occasionally.

Prepare the lasagne sheets as preferred

The difficult part is to stack the bolognaise, lasagne then the Bechamel in sequence

Top with strong flavoured grated cheese

Place in pre-heat oven of 160 oC  till ready
Fill the glasses with a medium-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon and enjoy a good match

Love from South Africa 

Thank you for all the wonderful friends whom are sharing this story!!!
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