Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A winter stroll in a public garden

The Deborah Retief Garden is located opposite the Harrismith’s Town Hall.
You can read more about the Town Hall here 

As shared by the hosts of De Oude Huize Yard

The park is named in honour of Afrikaner leader Piet Retief’s daughter, who spent time encamped near Harrismith with other Voortrekkers while her father negotiated with the Zulu king Dingane for land in neighbouring KwaZulu-Natal.
The gazebo in front of the Town Hall 
The garden during a previous decade 

When it use to be in full bloom during Spring and filled with poppies 
You can see the Wisteria in bloom and covering the gazebo 
Details of hardscapes in the garden 

The Old Horse hooks that were in use in the early days of the town 

Details of the cast iron lamp posts in the garden 
Lampposts built using Sandstone 
Details of the water fountain 
The coach and horse tracks in the wet cement 
Then there is the Burger monument erected to commemorate those that perish during the three year Anglo Boer War 1899 - 1902 
Burger Monument 


The history of the Burger and the monument
The photo on the page shows the burger that was used as the "model" for the sculptor  

Sunset in Harrismith 

Lots of blessings to you from Harrismith, Free State, South Africa  

Thank you for all the wonderful friends who are sharing this story!!!

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