Thursday, 9 July 2015

Welcoming committee

Some fun always happens at De Oude Huize Yard 
Hennie kept himself busy making the welcoming committee.  
Everything was regenerated 
You have to love this 

Two pieces of sand stone
Some facial features were added
The finale was the headgear
An old grinding disk and some left-over caps 
The old wooden fence post came in handy for the bodies
Pieces of left over electrical conduit was used for the arms and legs
A set of feet to stand solid and face the world 
More delicate little feet to "steel" the heart 
A rose for charm 
A Little piece of music 
Part of the committee 
The second part of the welcoming committee 

Standing at the entrance to the parking area at De Oude Huize Yard
Thanks for visiting 
Thanks for all the wonderful friends visiting us 
Lots of blessings from South Africa 

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