Thursday, 18 June 2015

Cast iron and sandstone fence

The story of Caithness as told by the hosts of  De Oude Huize Yard 
Caithness was build by James Bain 1903 and you will find it in Stuart Street Harrismith. There are 15 rooms which were needed because of Mr Bain's 9 children. Mr. Bain named Caithness after his birthplace in Scotland. Mr. Bain laid the cornerstone on 27 June 1903.

The Bains families were divided into the Royals and Centrals.  (James was a Central Bain) according to the hotels they ran in Harrismith 
You will find pictures of the old hotels on our blog about the old hotels in Harrismith 

The cast iron fence is something out of an era long gone.   

The detail reminds me of a buffalo head. 

The sandstone carved in a half round top 
The garden gate with the little angle wings 
Beautiful back drop of the old sandstone house called  Caithness
The garden wall was built more than a 100 years ago.  
A beautiful old lady  
Lots of blessing from South Africa 
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