Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The bathroom is shaping

The hosts of De Oude Huize Yard shares their triumphs and heartaches while renovating their NEST 

When we first encountered the 155-year old house it was extremely dilapidated. 
Today, De Oude Huize Yard offers luxury accommodation in 4 bedrooms that provide a living reminder of the olden days. The large cast-iron baths are opulent to olde-worlde country living and every thing accentuates this grand sense of history. 
We we got permission to add a room it was essential to keep to the olde-world style and as written about it in a previous post describing our hunting trip for the bathroom that we planned to instal. 
You can read more about it here
Just to keep you updated on what is happening I'd like to share some photo's. 
This time I must admit that my hubby, Hennie did all the work. 
My supervision was enough.

An old Victoria cast iron bath that we managed to find in a small town in our country at a bargaining price.  We had it transported via our next door neighbour whom is the proud owner of a transport company.  
Sanding on the outside was essential.  
Falcon feet were essential and lucky we were to found four from the same owner.  
The inside of the bath was "not so nice"  we had to scrub and sand it to remove all the limestone residues had to be removed.    

The sanding and cleaning has been completed and now it was time for Hennie to do his magic.  
A Plascon Latex nr 8 was used for the re-enamel process.
What a time consuming process.
Spray painting was essential for a smooth finish.
There is only a 24 hour window between layers.    
Next up was the sexy Falcon legs.
My apologies for the upside down photo.  
After three days it was time for the outside of the bath.
I have dreamed of a soft "khaki" colour on the outside with a little emblem but
when you live in a small town you have to adapt.
The final decision was white all over.  
The complete project.
Not to shabby if I must say so myself.  
 Do you still remember the old buffet.  
Next on our project list will be the regeneration of it into a double sink bathroom vanity.  

Lots of blessing from South Africa 

Thank you for all the wonderful friends whom are sharing this story!!!

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