Friday, 3 October 2014

Hunting trip for a bathroom

We are awaiting our building plans approval from the local Municipality for the addition of an extra guest room.  As there is a law that your cannot just change a house older than 60 years without prior approval, this is taking longer than anticipated.  
We operate as a bed and breakfast establishment and has grown where we need and extra guest room.  
The original house was built in 1860 and we try to keep it as close as possible to the original style but like to keep away from the museum feel.  

De Oude Huize Yard 2014
The hunt started a while ago and we came back with two laboratory basin in perfect condition.  

We were then able to find an old cast iron bath with beautiful eagle claw legs.  

We then came across five old chairs in a sturdy condition but in desperate need of charm 

Our latest find - and old buffet - with sturdy legs 

The hardware needs some help and the original top was replaced with a very thin board 
but the price was excellent 

We also had two pigeon baskets

The mirror is beautiful as it is.  

Now if we put this together this is what we have.  
Next two the basin is two old high voltage fuses.  
Read more about it here

Please let us know what your would have done with all of this.  
I am looking forward to your comments 
Love from South Africa 

Thank you for all the wonderful friends whom are sharing this story!!!

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