Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Water is everything

South Africa is a country located at the Southern Tip of Africa. About twice the size of Texas.  
  Climate change has affected water supplies within the region. Rains that usually come and supply the country's water has come infrequently.
It is why there is excitement when a new borehole was drilled that will supply water to my family on their farm.  In fact it is a huge occasion.  

The drill is set-up
Everyone knows exactly what to do
My brother starts the generator.

All underground water originates on the surface of the earth. The heat of the sun evaporates it; it forms clouds and falls as rain or snow; water accumulates in streams, ponds, oceans and it seeps into the ground. Just how much water is there underground? Geologists have determined that there is 30 times as much ground water as there is in all the streams, lakes and rivers in the world!

My brother gives a hope full smile.
The earth is broken
The big yellow machine is giving a roar
The last check for the right place
Spectators gather under the trees.
My mother aged 83 is also on hand to give advice. 
My brother is checking the condition of the soil. He always brought a little rock to mom when he drilled a hole containing water. Is this perhaps it. 
Some discussions 
Some worries 
More looking at the ground formation
Huge machinery, more dust and huge pneumatic chisel 
More discussions amongst huge machinery and then  . . . .  no dust but a lot of mud
It is getting late and the decision is made to continue on the next day.  
Some of the stones in my mom's house 
On 60m deep there is a show of water and the spray is unbelievable 
Windpumps are a welcome sign all over our country. 

Love from South Africa 
Sandra b

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