Monday, 29 September 2014

Prints from 1928 Dictionary

A wonderful book with a selection of small illustration to blow your mind away.  
I like to share a little of  the information with you.   

A brougham - A close four wheeled vehicle with front wheels turning short on a pivot.

A  biplane - A form of aeroplane consisting of two planes arranged one above the other.
Then there is the British Coronets
1.  Prince of Wales;   2.  Younger Son and Brother of the Blood Royal;  
3.  Nephew etc of the Blood Royal;  4.  Duke;  5.  Marquie;  6.  Earl;  7.  Viscount;  8.  Baron
Coupe is a four-wheeled tow-seated close carriage with seats for two.
Must have been the one of the sporty models of its time.  
Then there is the botanical prints.  The detail is unbelievable.  

All time favourite a branch of the pomegranate 

Love from South Africa 
Thank you for all the wonderful friends whom are sharing this story!!!

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