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De Oude Huize Yard at the foot of Platberg

De Oude Huize Yard offers a wonderful view of Platberg!

Platberg and the gardens of De Oude Huize Yard
Platberg is the Free State’s own “Table Mountain”, that overlooks the town of Harrismith. 
Literally meaning the flat-mountain, the 2 377-metre high inselberg is an eastern Free State 
landmark and forms an imposing backdrop to the town.
The biodiversity of the Mountain 
The Platberg, an extension of the eastern foothills of the Drakensberg Mountains, has remarkable biodiversity. Its western slopes and the summit of the mountain are a nature reserve 
with a number of endemic/near-endemic alpine plants that are unique to the region.
There is everything and more
From a distance, it appears to have a distinct flat top. 
However, once on the summit the plateau is found to be undulating, with rolling grass-covered slopes. 
The vegetation of the plateau is dominated by grassland, with a few rocky ridges, sheet rock 
and rubble patches, as well as numerous seasonal wetlands and a permanent 
open playa (pan) on its far western side.
Sunsets are remarkable, the town of Harrismith nestles at the foot of the mountain and early morning mist enfold the town and mountain
A historical site during the Anglo Boer War
Woody patches as well as the indigenous grow along the base of the cliffs. 
The shrubland vegetation is concentrated on the cool side of Platberg, 
on sandstone, in gullies, slopes, mobile boulder beds, and on rocky ridges. 
Platberg also has elements of Fynbos
Some of the beautiful plants on the mountain

We have a wonderful connection with the mountain
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