Monday, 10 June 2013

Drab to Brag

Seeing that we are busy, at De Oude Huize to renovating the attic into an additional bedroom. There is a need for some furniture to match the theme of antique golf and lots of books. 
We came across these drab  old wing back chairs.   
I love their shape and size!!! 
See our Attic here

Look at that sexy legs.   This oldie needs a remake. 

This oldie shouted please please take me home!

It was now also time to find the material that will do the trick for these lovely oldies.  It was necessary to give them a new lease on their durability but also change them into two very special and comfortable chairs.  They had a special duty . . .  to be comfortable and to be able to sit and look out the little dormer windows and . . .  read  . . .  and look  . . . .  sip on an old brandy cognac. 

This piece of material could tell a story and we know that great stories happen to those who can tell them!!!  

All the old drab has been removed and the new beginning is taking shape.

Measure and measure

Mary you are a star!
With Mary's help these are now sexy ladies.
They will charm you and keep you comfortable.


  1. Definite;y drab to FAB! they look amazing....good job!

  2. OHH! Sandra, mi querida amiga! Nos acompañamos desde que aparecimos por la red y te echo mucho de menos cuando tardas tanto en publicar.
    Tu casa sigue con un proceso fantástico, Tengo anotada la dirección dentro de mis hoteles especiales. Quizás algún día.....
    Un fuerte abrazo desde Madrid, España.