Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Visit to the border of the Kalahari Desert.

We recently spend some time in this beautiful area of our country.  I grew up in the area and I always see it as the place where I have gained my live and my soul.  
Like to share the following pictures with you.  

School on my brother's farm  

Sunset over the area on a cloudy day 

Horses grazing 
Sun and clouds 
Dirt road but the colour of the sand make this a must drive road
Farm house

The school that I attend, many moons ago 
Farming equipment 

As a child we would play under this Eucalypta tree  

The full moon over the veld
Good rains and every little bit of grass is green 
Sunset and a windpump in the distance 

You will find a lot of Camel Thorn, Kameeldoringboom (Acacia erioloba)

 A "familievoĆ«l" nest (sosiable weaver - Philetairus Socius)
The nests of sociable weavers are temperature-controlled.  Large nests help he
weavers to stay comfortable in the harsh climate of the Kalahari Desert.
During freezing winter nights a move to the nest's well-insulated centre chambers helps
the little birds to stay warm.  Scorching summer temperatures are easier to weather when roosting
in one of the outer chambers of the nest.  

The little sosiable weaver

These nests are seen every where 

And another one  . . . 
We are now situated about 700km from this area. 
For very special times we take a trip to this area to visit pay a visit to my Mother

My mother and niece takes a strol 

Thanks for taking a trip with me 
Till next time