Sunday, 17 February 2013

Our Attic and the history of our towns golf course

De Oude Huize Attic
is our current project.  

A writer can write in an attic, or on top of a bus. 
Or with a sharp stick in some wet cement. 
- Paul Muni - 

Where do we start?  

The only access to the attic was via a ladder and a small door.
I am not fond of heights.
Once again Hennie had a plan!!!

We will start with a proper door!
Halve way 

The new door is now in place but how to get there!!!
Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat 
down the door!
-Kyle Chandler- 

A walkway will be the answer!
I am so fortunate to be married to a engineer that can make

If I may say so - it came out perfect.
Hennie and his two helpers completed the job

After an inspection, Hennie decided that the dormer in the roof
will be the next step..... 

Every one has to make haste . . .
we are now in the rainy season 

Once again Hennie made the dormer on the ground and then hoisted it into place 

The view is still magnificient

First dormer is in position I just love it
Nest week will be the fitting of the second window. 

The past is an old chair in the attic,
the present an ominous ticking sound,
and the future is anybody's guess.
-James Thurber-

The attic will soon be turned into an extra room for our 

Over the  years we have collected a lot of old books 
and pictures of our town's golf course.  
The scenic 18-hole golf course, arguably the third oldest in 
South Africa (after the Royal Cape and George Golf Clubs) 
was founded in 1887.

Love to frame this one

This once could be used as wallpaper

Another wallpaper 

In a frame 

A Bogey!

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