Saturday, 15 September 2012

Renovation continues

We have now complete this project and we and our guests shouts Hooray  . . .  hooray.  
We have posted the previous post as well as the last impression.  

Our "Nest", at De Oude Huize Yard, really needs a new "stoep"
In South Africa a "stoep" is very important.  

  • It is from here where you can watch the garden grows
  • The birds feeding 
  • The sun rising over our mountain 
  • Drinking early morning coffee with rusks 
  • Love being alive

Sharing pictures with you 

This section shouts for improvement 

The original sandstone foundation was deteriorating very fast. 

The wall was buckled and busy falling over

Cracks everywhere

New foundations and sandstone wall

The new retaining wall completed

Time to remove the old wall and pillars

The original wall with a lot of history in it

Hennie is changing a lot of bits and pieces into a window 

The window is ready to be fitted

Window is fitted and the wall almost completed

The side where the cracks was visible

Cup of coffee as the sun sets?. 

What a surprise even some lead glass in the window!!!

The old red cement slab has been removed

The new "stoep" only needs some tiles to complete!
We can now enjoy the wonderful view of the garden and mountain 

Till next time 


  1. Ha sido una gran obra, el resultado fantástico y la nueva-vieja ventana un amor!. Deseo para ti y tu familia muchos desayunos felices en el nuevo porche. Un abrazo.

    1. Dear Carmen
      Thanks that you are always visiting my site. Have been so busy lately. Hopefully we will have some time again now that the porch is finished. Yes we hope to enjoy it and that the weather will give us time to enjoy the garden this summer. Lots of love to you and your family from a windy Harrismith. Love and hugs to you.

  2. I'm hoping that you will finish your renovation sooner, so you can have your rest now. Just don't forget to consider a good set of windows and door for your home. It would be nicer if you choose the one that will compliment your new renovated house.

    1. Dear Double Glazing
      Our renovations is a 10 year project and we have almost completed it. Thanks for you advice on windows and doors. We are situated in South Africa and seeing that the building is more than a 150 years old we have to keep to strict advice from the Heritage Foundation. Have a great week-end.