Saturday, 9 June 2012

Garden and Sandstone

After a couple of years our garden wall has been completed. 

We were thinking of a gabion set-up. 

There was a lot of sandstone pieces available after our building project and in the area. We therefore decided to fill the baskets with the sandstone off-cuts. 

Our first project was a water feature around a 100 year old oak tree. 

The lilies is spouting water into a little water pond.

Gabion waterfeature

The original garden fence entrance gate and mail box

Hennie made us a new gate with a new post box.
The mail box as seen from the street

The old un-used oven door is now the inside door of the mail box.
The mail box as seen from the the inside of our stand. 

The start of our stone pack walls.  

Going slowly 

The end result 

The wall is completed 

Thanks for the wonderful parties that we have joined