Sunday, 23 October 2011

Mood board for October

Baie danke aan Vosgeparis for this wonderful motivation 

Who would have tought of this great idea!!
Well done 

Shakespeare on the wall.  

All the wonderful cutlery in a frame 
Wonderful work of African Sketchbook 

African Sketchbook decor at The Cape Grace in
Cape Town 
Die skrif is op die muur . . .  writing is on the wall.  Thanks to Lucina

Hessing and hemp for a bedroom's windows 

Age old French lace 
Antique French linen 

Colour . . .  no colour wonderful 

Would like TEN of this lamps 

A selection of all wonderful and beautiful

Age old tools for a handmade comforters 
Something quirky 

Those were the days 
Thank for modern designs without these 

Planning .... planning 

Love the buckets


old silver 

What a wonderful display ! ! !
Old linen, old paintings and Marie Antoinette shoes . . .  well done

I think Hennie will be able to copy the chairs 

Wonderful . . .  think of a wedding in the garden 

Unexpected side table 

I've got it all 

The mug is waiting ... the Queen Ann lace is blooming . . .  the butter knife is waiting  but the figs is still not ready!

I like this!

During renovations we have unearth lots and lots of blue pieces of porcelain.  If everything was still in tack I could do something like this. 

Thanks to everyone for the wonderful ideas!!
Lots of love
De Oude Huize Yard