Sunday, 15 May 2011

Regenerated old salvage building materials from old ruins

 In 2007 this process started.  First we had to salvage old building materials.  The term beg, borrow and steal got new meaning. The photo's tell the story!  Hennie (my husband ) did almost everything with the help of Eric Maleka.  

The foundations where once a quince lane grew
After approval of our local municipality the digging started and  hand mixing of the "dagga" could be heard.
The layer for sandstone, that was hand dressed on the premises and every one was dressed to fit a certain space.
It was time to fit the bay windows.  

Slowly but surely progress
is made.
The window sills
As you can see the second
storey is also going strong

Adam Trusscott has honoured us
with this wonderful sketch 

Brick-by-brick an old wall is removed.
The old mud bricks it to be utilized again. 

After many time and errors the stairs is now leading to the top floor 
Oregon pine floors in the upper storey 

Fireplaces is now in every little nook!
Remember wintertime is on average -7 degrees Celsius

Floors in the bathrooms - trying to keep with the time -
 black and white is the theme!
Hennie is the artisan

Parquet floors in the lounge  
Start of the ceiling 

Ceiling fitting

Bathroom fitting 

Sussex bath before restoration
Lovely eagle tub feet
The finished product

Then it was time to get access to the attic

Hennie and Eric are holding on for life
The walkway is almost there!!

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