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Kameel Stoepstorie: Fincham and Kameel

My Great -Grandfather  
Alfred Ernest Fincham

Extract from the book MEN OF THE TIMES
Mr. Alfred Ernest Fincham is yet another of the sons of South African soil of whom we have the pleasure in writing this small sketch.  He was born in the year 1869 at the Grange in the Herbert District, and is a son of the late Mr. John Fincham, framer and general merchant of the district.  Mr. A E Fincham's education as principally conducted in Herbert and at the finish of his curriculum he commenced business in on of his fat6her’s branch stores, which he ultimately managed.  In 1870 he gave up the business in those parts and proceeding northwards to Vryburg.  Bechuanaland where he assisted in establishing the firm of Fincham and Sons being a partner in same until 1899, when he sold out his interest to take up framing in the Mafeking District, purchasing a block of farms of 9000 morgen at Ramathlabama.  Mr. Fincham was one of the defenders in the siege of Mafeking, belonging to the Town Guard, manning De Kock’s Corner Fort through the siege.  When the siege was raised he returned to farm life, and subsequently commence business again, establishing the firm of A W and A E Fincham, general merchants, Mafeking, which he now controls, at the same time looking after his farming interests, giving attention chiefly to raising both large an small stock.  Mr. Fincham has been a member of the Mafeking Divisional Council since 1899, and in 1900 was elected a member of the Town Council, serving as such through 1902 – 1903 and re-elected in 1905, being a Councillor at the present time.  As may be understood he takes a keen and energetic interest in the welfare of the town, and for his sympathetic personality and public services he has earned the highest esteem of his fellow townsmen.  He married the daughter of Mr. Henry and Elizabeth (Jenkins) West of Beaconsfield, and has four children. 
Alfred Ernest Fincham born in 3 Apr 1869 at The Grange in the Hopetown district.
He died on 15 Jul 1937 and was buried in the Mafeking cemetery.
They had four children:  
Louisa Elizabeth Smith (nee Fincham) married to Tom Smith 
Louisa on her 18th birthday
Mary Amelia Webster (nee Fincham) married to Albert Earnest Webster
Ada Ethel Rex (nee Fincham) married to George Henry
The sisters during a holiday 
Victor Baden Fincham (my grandfather) married to Hester Cecilia Guache 

Victor and Hester
Victor was born in 6 June 1900 in Mafeking during the "Seige of Mafeking

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