Sunday, 27 March 2011

Stories and gifts received by De Oude Huize

In between cleaning, gardening, beautifying and fixing we found the most beautiful blue and white porcelain pieces.  With this we hope to make a mosaic for the dining room door.

Other things of interest are the pieces of crockery and bottle of wine which were found under the lounge floor.  These pieces are in Pedri's lounge along with the everhot tea and coffeepot.  You will find Granny’s tea and sugar pot is in the front lounge. 

We have of course discovered the delights of an attic.  Never before have we had so much pleasure.  The female part of the family had the most fun climbing into the attic and playing dolls till it was time to climb back down.

We experienced the first snow in June 2001.  What an experience it was for us all.  All our family and friends wondered whether our house would stand firm.  Fortunately this gracious old “lad” of 150 years took it all in her stride and with a smile.

Now after some year se can look back on all the wonderful things the towns folk have done for us.  Tant Rita and Oom Hamm have become our adopted parents.  Martie and Willem have given us so much love and advice.  Martie’s sister and her husband gave us the old beams whit which we could restore the dining-room floor.  Matjan, Annette and Christina were just always there for us.  Oom Louis reminds me of my Grandpa Fincham who I miss terribly.  Headstrong, a will of his own, but always a gentle man.  Then there is Aunt Lorrain who has always taken everyone else’s interest at heart.  She has given us the most unusual wind-charm.  Heike shares so many wonderful things with us.  Then there is Bea and Wendy—they always help with love in the hearts.  With Peter and Samantha, we enjoy the wonderful chats over the boundary fence. 

The clothes in the frame tell of Grandma Hes
We received the most wonderful gifts.  A great warmth filled our hearts on receipt of Tant Cilie’s apron.  Grant grandma Van Wyk’s bonnet and the Dreyer Aunt’s diary have been given a place of honour in our lounge.  There is also the sausage stuffer and baking tins, all of which came from Winterton. 
Great grandma Gauche’s nightie adds a little oomph to Hennie’s wall clock.  

Grandpa Victor’s uniform takes pride of place on the dining room door.  
There are hats from the sisters along with a shoe—all part of a costume from one of PACT’s performances.  
Tant Polly did the tatting in Great Escape at age of 82.  The Children’s other grandmother—Madeline—did the long and short stitch work.  Granny Floss did the tapestry in Wisdom and Folly.    
Ouboet made the cup cupboard above the sideboard in the lounge.

His father was greatly surprised by the little cupboard which now holds all his Air force memorabilia. 
Ouboet's little cupboard for his dad's memorabilia
 The satinwood chests of drawers was a 21st birthday present.  Granny’s writing table stands in our bedroom and the “Jonkmanskas” belongs to Ouma is now a special item in Gerald-Cecil’s bedroom. 

Oom Andries Odendal’s “Pilgrim’s Progress” forms part of a wonderful collection of old books which we have collected over the years.  Jan and Rista contributed tremendously to our collections of Africana books.
Auntie Louis’ washstand keeps our glasses safe.  

The family photos are all in a very special frame.

Six of the dining-room Volkwyn yellowwood-and-stinkwood riempies chairs were a wedding present from Knysna.  The Royal Albert cups were a Godmothers’ wedding present.  The light above the dining-room table was the first electric light in Ramaklabama.   

The Camel cloth from El Alameim
The little camel cloth which Grandpa brought back from El Alamein following Luther’s death during World War II hangs in the dining room.  The beautiful handbag also above the piano was part of my mothers wedding outfit.  Her wedding outfit takes pride of place on the door in Generations and Traditions guest room.  The fruit soaps were chosen with great care by Grandpa Victor for Granny Hess. 

Grandpa Victor was born during the ’Siege of Mafeking” in 1900. 

The medicine cabinet in “Pedri’s” lounge belonged to Grandpa Victor.  Then there are Oom Koos’ war medals with all of their wonderful war stories.  As Tant Koekie Meyer has said, “you have a “bits and pieces” house and my little angels will love living here.”  Her angels lovingly hold the candles on a dining room table.

Granny Sannie’s Singer and the little Guhl & Harbeck “Original Express” model of 1870 have pride of place.  The Guhl & Harbeck came out of Mr. Todd’s garage.  If these two humble sewing machines could only talk, there would be the most wonderful stories to tell. 

For us trees are friends and we often wonder how our lives would be had Oom At not chopped down the avenue of 12 oak trees to make place for Clarence’s peach trees.  It is even more sad that the peach trees have also all gone.  We do however enjoy the fig trees which have come all the way from Pa Pieter’s Riversdale.  The quince made the most delicious quince and cinnamon pudding.

Then there is our selections of  typewriters.
We see them as the grandma's of the computer.  
Washday blues are remembered and our small collection of “sad irons”, as well as an old “spirit iron”  If you were to look very carefully, you may even see an antique doll’s iron! 

 During the work, ploughing and planting a number of horse shoes were unearthed.  Look out for the smallest of the collection.

We love to entertain along with Pep’s Noritake.  Oh yes, I nearly forgot, we also plant approximately
10 000 Lisianthus plants each year.  It is of cause simply wonderful always to have such a bounty of flowers with which to fill our home.

Without a sense of humored, we would never had had the strength for this great undertaking of love.  In the words of Henry Wart Beecher, 
“A person without a sense f humour is like a wagon without springs.  
He gets bumped around on the road by each and every little stone.”

It is not the wind what blows from behind
Which makes you strong.
It is the wind which blows from the front
Which makes us strong

Till next time


  1. Lekker gelees, Sandra! Julle is 'n verstommend ondernemende gesin, met 'n heerlike kalm lewensvreugde om julle. Mag daar vir julle nog baie vrolike jare hier onder Platberg voorlĂȘ.

  2. Great memorabilia! Thank you for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend!

    1. Dear Tammy thank for your kind words and for hosting. May you have a wonderful week.
      Love from Sunny South Africa