Thursday, 4 June 2020

Kameel Stoepstorie: Stations and Whistle-stops around Kameel

An old photo of Vryburg in 1895 showing the staff housing. 

 Vryburg in 1895 showing water tank and shed.
When the train leaves Vryburg station toward Mahikeng (Mafeking) there is a couple of stations and whistle stops en-route. Today there is not much going on, on this route as the trains that use this line is transporting loads to neighbouring countries of South Africa. We have travelled on the old service road between Paradise and Madibogo to have a look at the marker boards.
First stop is Paradise. There was not a station but the farmers would leave a parcel at the rail side for transportation to the next place. The marker telling us that Paradise is 781 miles from Cape Town and the 4013ft above sea level.
Devondale in 1895
The next station is Devondale. There used to be water tanks for the steam locomotives. There used to be a little shop built of stone and we would travel on the passenger train from Kameel to Devondale for an outing. The Devondale marker reads 790 miles from Cape Town and 4129ft above sea level.
ext up is Mnyani only 5 miles from Devondale. This stop was used for passengers to get a way of transportation. It was also a popular stop for parcels. The maker reads 795 miles from Cape Town and the altitude is 4207ft. As you will notice there is a climb in the altitude of 194ft over 14 miles.

Curnow used to be a whistle-stop like Mnyani. It was a popular place for passengers to make use of the train to travel to Mahikeng on the passenger train. As children, we would call this the milk stop. Farmers would load the milk on the train to be transported to Vryburg to the diary. 797 miles from Cape Town 4267ft above sea level.
The next station is Kameel and it is the station we call home. Kameel used to be a busy station with lots of rail traffic. Today the old rail lines tell the stories of better times. It was the station where the grain from the silos was loaded for the next destination. It was extended with more rail tracks round 1980. The station was also equipped with yard lights. Unfortunately, like so many railway stations, the station building and other buildings were demolished. We still have some fun when the weekly train passes by and you feel the rumble of the train under your feet. It will never be the same again but we are trying our best to uplift the station houses and the community. Kameel is 805 miles from Cape Town 4449ft above sea level.

Still, en-route to Mahikeng is Doornbult. Doornbult is a crossing and between Kameel and Doornbult was the old trolley stop. When a train approached the trolley will have a place to park next to the main line. During the Anglo-Boer War, there was also a corrugated iron blockhouse from where the British troops would protect the railway line. Doornbult is 809 miles from Cape Town and the altitude is 4470ft. This is the highest point on the railway line.

Wirsing is a railroad siding and is located in Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality, North-West, South Africa. The estimate terrain elevation above sea level is 1377 metres.

Next up is Rabatho. Rabatho is 819miles from Cape Town and the altitude 4325ft

At the end of our road is Madibogo. Like Kameel Madibogo was a busy station. 821 miles from Cape Town 4038ft above sea level. The water tank is still standing the station buildings has been utilized and forms part of the community.

Thank you to everyone who made their photo’s available.

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Thursday, 7 May 2020

Artisan Bread

You don't need to be a baker, a foodie or a specialist to love the tearing of a freshly-baked loaf's crust.  So much nicer than the supermarket sliced variety.

We have put our skills into the baking of Artisan Bread.  

No what is Artisan Bread.  It is a term that is used a lot in the food world these days.  Other words that come to mind is 'craft', 'fresh' and then 'REAL' 

We believe that it is easier to digest, because of the enzymes that have had time to begin breaking down the gluten in the flour while fermenting.  

We found a recipe here and we say thanks to Leite's Culinaria for sharing their recipe.

Have used Amaranthus in the dough to give our bread the edge it needs.  Amaranth contains more protein than any other gluten-free grain.  It's a wonderful replacement for gluten allergies.   

This is our version of a braided bread or a Challah bread.
Divide the dough in three equal pieces and braid it. Don't pull the strands or stretch it during the braiding process.  You want to keep the braid lose so that the dough can expand during the baking process. The little black seeds is from the plant known as amaranthus and ancient, protien-packed seed.  A tiny poppy seed-size grain.  
The end result is very rewarding 
Ready to serve and nobody can resist it  
The options is endless here it is served with wintermelon preserve and biltong
Amaranthus growing in our garden

Wonderful and gluten free.  

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Friday, 24 April 2020

Kameel Stoepstorie: Project door handles

Door handles can some times be a bit on the boring side. 
We were looking for something different to use as door handles on the sliding doors of our walk-in cupboards. 

A pair of shoe forms came to mind. I called them the clown shoe forms.  

It was time to change the appearance a little bit. Sanding down to the wood but leaving a lot of patina in tack.


The beauties were ready for a change of life. 
The right-hand door handle

Left-hand door handle.
 I just love this little new addition to our cabin. 

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Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Kameel Stoepstorie: Venison Pies

 When there is venison in the freezer it is venison pie day. I was given a recipe by Annie while living in Harrismith. Annie was a Russian descendent. The pies are always a winner.

The classic Russian stroganoff venison pies with mushrooms pairs well with the came.
Stroganoff originated in mid-19th-century Russia and was named after the Stroganov family, a family of noble origin. Since then, many variations have been created all over the world. Be sure not to skimp on the sour cream, as it is an essential component of the dish (and of Russian cuisine in general).

The little pies are treated with great respect and I just love to use my vintage cutters to add a bit of beauty to the pies.
I use ready-made puff pastry for the casings but also have used a Sour Cream Pastry and roll it out to line the muffin pans.

 Then it is time for the decoration around the edge of the pie shell's top

 The little hearts look very pretty

Or what about the diamond shapes on the edge? 

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Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Kameel Stoepstorie: The story of the little tapestry chairs.

 The old chairs have seen better days and were just hanging around. 
It was time for a change.
My mom was a willing participant to put the needle and wool into good use.
Mon painstakingly sews the tapestry seat. 

 The purple velvet fits it perfectly
 A new seat and it is perfect.

The two chairs stand proudly in our cottage at Kameel Huise Tussen Spore. 

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Monday, 20 April 2020

Kameel Stoepstorie: Kitchen cupboard project

We moved into the shell of our cottage just over a year ago.  During this time Hennie fixed everything. Bathrooms were tiled and fitted, doors hanged, floors were levelled and yes the roof needed to be sealed.

Then without any warning, he had to undergo open-heart surgery for a valve replacement. I was a bit under the weather with this procedure but he always reminded me that God gave him more than 60 troubled free years, so this will be just fine.

So in June 2019 he was out of action for almost three months. I still remember my words to the surgeon: "but what about my kitchen cupboards".
There was an old Oregon cupboard frame
 We found the cheeky legs on a trip to Klerksdorp 

The top came with a lot of history. It was part of the old Wilrick Kontreiwinkel before the upgrade a couple of years ago.
The back of the cupboard was fitted with old tin ceilings plates
All painted and polished and I just love it. 

This is a massive bonus. 

Let me know what you think of it. 

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