Monday, 28 November 2016

A right turn at the corner café

As I turn right at the corner café. 
Leaving the city lights in my rear view mirror.
 I always seem to notice things that were always there but, if I may be so blunt not always that important to me. 
The corner cafe

Who am I?
I am Samantha van den Berg
I’m twenty three years old but my soul is only two or… just about two. Two years from when I first started turning right at the corner café and started seeing life.
Call me Sammy 

 I tend to drive and as I get closer two the silos. I see the sadness in the plough lands and all the cattle next to the road caused by the drought.
Don’t get me wrong in this blanket of sadness you have a small town that has planted a very small seed of love, caring and light right into my heart …Kameel. 

 A place where you don’t even have to put on the TV on Saturdays because you can hear how the Springboks are playing by the reaction of your next door neighbour or on a good Sunday special can be anything from family lunches to “potjie kos”. 

The potjie filled with the goodness of country life is slowly getting ready for a feast. 
The workers coming in from farms all around, the music starts to play at the local shop. In the one corner you have those listing to the soccer match between pirates and chiefs. A dance off between a man and a lady. And people standing observing just to get the time by.

On the farm in Kameel anything can happen,
it’s a place where for a sable his best friend can be sheep. 
Where the full moon can make it seem as if twilight can go on forever or when you don’t have to add a “filter” to a photo. It’s a place where you realize that just how curious animals can be and how a simple farm house holds the most precious of memories.

Standing on the railway I cannot help to wonder 50 years back- knowing that the Kameel sign next to it used to brand-new.
 People were coming from where ever the railway starts or ends knowing that this place is somewhere in the middle and that so much history has gone by. 

Sitting on the swing chair, I hear an old truck making his way on the gravel road. The ducks in the pond right next to me and an irritating noise coming from the shed from a power tool.
I see the flower that were planted and reminds you of family that has been taken to soon, a dog being naughty and eating a sock.

The braai fire is getting ready 
I smell the wood burning from the braai that is about to start and the bread in the oven.

Kameel, a rustic place which you can find turning right at the corner café.

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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Mouton's Mombasa Story

This blog post tells of  Mouton Fincham living in Mombasa, Kenya 
Okay so for those who don’t know me, I am just an average guy from the North-West province of South Africa. 
Then got a job in Bloemfontein in 2014. 
To get somewhere in life, I had to work from 7am to 7pm for almost 2 years which was quite though, but one day suddenly, I got the call that I am on my way to Kenya, and here follows a short story of life in Mombasa, Kenya.
My first arrival as Depot Manager in Mombasa was a long journey, 13 hours to be precise. Mombasa welcomed me with extreme heat and humidity. When I stepped out of the plane, temperature of 29oC and humidity of 75% was waiting for me.
When I woke up the first morning I felt like I was in paradise. The place where I live is called the McKenzie’s. The owner’s wife has a passion for gardening, so there are palm trees, green bushes, pink, white, red flowers etc. with two swimming pools and a breath taking view of the ocean from my porch.
Mombasa if not, is one of the biggest ports in East Africa with a figure of 1 million containers that landed in 2015. 
This makes the city very busy concerning traffic which is complete chaos. It took me almost 3 months to adapt to the roads here. 
You will find trucks, Taxi’s (we call matatus) Tuk-Tuks, Motorcycles (which we call boda-bodas) turning a 2 lane road into a 5 lane road.
I am a music lover, and I am currently collecting guitars which I can’t live without. Within 2 weeks I found a small shop which sells guitars and bought me one. So now life is very easy.

Then there is the beaches which is so beautiful. White sands, blue waters with temperatures so warm which makes Mombasa one of Kenya’s biggest tourist attractions. I met people from around the world here in Mombasa, people from Belgium, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Canada, France, Israel, Philippines, Austria, England and America.

I also went Skydiving on the South Coast called Diani which was sooo good. We jumped on a cloudy Saturday morning at around 11am which gave me enough time to stress before the jump. But it was one of the best experiences I had, and if I could, I would jump every day of my time here.
Then there is Wasini Island, where you can book a tour that includes seeing dolphins swimming next to your boat, after that you can go snorkelling where you can see a huge variety of fishes. And after that you go for a lunch on the Island before heading back home.
There is a big Indian community in Mombasa and we all know Indians love food. I was very difficult when it comes to my food. I didn’t even ate seafood or Indian food before coming to Mombasa, but now, it is almost my meal every weekend.
All and all, Mombasa is a very nice place to be in this stage of my life, and my only wish here is that all my family and friends can pay me a visit here. If I could, I would buy tickets for all of them.!